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Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings

Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings

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Into auras? This is a cool little booklet for you!

Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings

A.R.E. Press



Introduction from the book:

Throughout the ages color has been replete with symbolism, and vestiges of the ancient lore appear in the rituals of the Church, in mytholoogy, and in the phrases of our everyday speech. In Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings, the author, Roger Lewis, an artist, has uniquely combined rather divergent approaches to color symbolism. First, he sets the stage with the scientific examination of color. Then, using Edgar Cayce's booklet Auras, he shows how the conscious Cayce interpreted various colors when they appeared in the emanation of light around an individual. Because the Cayce readings associated various colors with the seven spiritual centers in the body, Mr. Lewis traces the colors on the path of the kundalini, describing the influences on the endocrine glands. Finally, the author looks at his subject from the point of view of the color psychologist, and indicates what the color specialist Faber Birren had to say about color preferences and personality traits. This introductory study might well be said to be viewing color physically, mentally and spiritually in a harmonious blend.


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